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Solaris Careware


This system was designed to cater for the reporting and record management needs for providers of semi-independent care for 16 -18-year-olds and also for service users with learning difficulties in care. Solaris is a secure cloud-based care management system used to create and manage progress reports and measure outcomes amongst other things. The system functions as a multi-user platform which is accessible to subscriber care service companies as well as multi -agencies and the commissioning care authority staff.

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Vanguard Careware

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Vanguard Careware is a system built around a similar interface and architecture as Solaris Careware. The system is designed for use by care homes offering care and development to the mentally impaired. It presents as an open plan style of access with an easy and quick interface to create and manage care reporting as well as staff administration. The report creators are designed to cater to the needs of this category of service users where targets, goals and evidence tend to differ from other care provisions.

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Records management

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As part of the installation and set up service of our systems, the customer accounts team will not only arrange training for the use of the system but can deliver extensive training to all members of staff as part of their personal development in the area of records management through professional content creation and a greater understanding of the importance of reports and evidencing.


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Records manager

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This is an additional service to using our care management systems.  A dedicated records manager will work with you supervising your staff's completion of the weekly reports as well as all other secondary reports and records. The records manager will copy edit and proofread all reports, correcting content and making sure it is relevant, accurate and professional. The Records Manager is outsourced from us as your expert onsite and really does make the difference to your overall standards of placement delivery.

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Manager training

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Our team of partner trainers are well qualified to offer detailed compulsory or optional training and certification which is a major expectation in the care services provision. Our partners will deliver training for management as well as front -line staff in bundles where different training days are booked within a year, at the convenience of staff and their availability. This can be delivered at your premises or one of our designated centres as close to you as possible. Training also includes coaching sessions on how to win tenders or complete successful provider qualifications. 

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Service development


This service is available as a care service consultancy.  We offer expert applicable knowledge about growth and performance in the care services sector, particularly semi-independent living and supported housing provisions. We are staunch believers in care service collaborations and partnerships. Secondary or parallel income streams is another aspect of the care business we are passionate about.

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