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Business continuity: Contingency measures

Server central system location

Producers: Data management (Taremtec)

ICO Number:  00012632767 . 
Cyber essentials 
Partner developers: Taremtec
Server management: Webtec- science Park.
Tech support & recovery: TaremtecUnit 19 Brockley Cross Business Centre
SE4 2PD London, United Kingdom.

Server management / Back ups
1. Location is Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, Kent

2. The server spec is... HP DL360 Gen 8, Dual Core CPU, 128GB RAMM, 1TB HDD

3. Firewall [Layer3 & Layer7], IPS/IDS, 


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Disruption contingencies

Solaris and Vanguard systems and servers follow a clear process to enable continuity of service or uninterrupted use and non - loss of data should there be a man made attack on the system or environmental factors.

Policy statement

The company and technical partners aim to avoid disruption to services by minimising the risk of loss of access to computer systems and data; and by ensuring a prompt recovery from any such loss.

Duties & process (Server side) Webdesk

The duty ICT Manager has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the IT products have in place suitable and sufficient arrangements to respond to any loss of access to computer systems (both temporary and permanent) and that the company mitigates against such loss happening. The ICT Manager delegates the day to day responsibility for this function to the tech team. The ICT Manager may declare an IM and T Failure under this procedure.


The ICT Manager manages the Information Technology (IT) team and is responsible for maximising the resilience of the active systems. This includes ensuring that the day to day back up processes  are carried out and that all relevant members of the tech team are fully conversant with the procedures as stipulated in the document , and testing the DR procedures and recording the results of these tests . In the event of an IM&T failure, the ICT Manager is responsible for prompt action to restore service, ensuring that the  step - to procedures  are followed and that there are no delays accessing back up data.


The ICT Manager will ensure prompt, clear and regular communication with all users regarding any interruption to service, the action being taken, and the expected time when service will be restored.

Processing /access disruption
like all other multifunctional systems there are risks of failures or functional interuptions. The system goes through a deep flush every 12 hours and light bug testing every 36 hours as proactive measures against technical failures in a bid to ensure access and function are at a minimum . Taremtec ICT have in place responsive measures where the tech support staff are able to correct issues within an hour of reporting. Responsive action occurrs between 08.00 - 03.00. 

Other non urgent system errors or functional issues are dealt with in a ticket reporting process where the tech team usually respond within 1 hour of reporting an issue. 

People resources

IT and general services need to keep operational with no disruptions. As part of the business continuity plan concerning personnel availability 

Inspiria Care and software partners Taremtec share client service responsibilities with one or two representative available from each partner.

they are available 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) 8 hours a day. System development, customer services and daily functional usage is overseen by inspiria care staff
managed by the duty Operations manager. There are 2 duty Business Managers available at any time within business hours - one from Inspiria care and the other from partners Taremtec.
Training staff operate on a freelance ROTA availability. 



All Inspiria Care and Taremtec products operate in 2 locations aside from the servers located at The Science Park in sittingbourne.

in the unforeseen event of an environmental issue which renders one location non -accessible, the other is able to function identically.

Owing to the nature of daily operations,both partners are able to conduct business from any remote location as all ICT products are cloud based.

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