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Solaris Care ware intro

Unique features

Solaris careware has many features and functions that are designed to make the administrative aspect of care for children and young people quick and efficient. The system goes beyond the creation of service user reports but influences the way the care service should be run.  The system's reporting  mechanism offers staff and management a greater understanding of best working practice, progressive care, and accountability.

Key functions 


 Create child profiles with photograph option

 Direct interactive access for social workers and other agencies

 Apply restrictions or usage permissions for staff & external users

 Set instant alerts on overdue reports and assign tasks to staff

 Create care home reports/documents

 Upload and archive external child reports

 Create development targets & monitor progression over 12 months.

 Create risk assessments

 Create weekly reports

 Create daily logs & filter relevant information to weekly reports

 Create weekly reports and scoring in self-development

 Create alternative monthly reports

 Create miscellaneous reports

 Manage unit details and availability

 Create care/support plans

 Create safety plans

 Create LAC reports

 Create incident reports

 Create missing child resources individually

 Create personal education plans

 Create independent living skills assessments All reports &
   documentations can be printed or securely sent by email to an
   authorised recipient outside of the system.

Subscriber services
Solaris careware is available as a licensed cloud -based software. we usually charge a low weekly fee per child profile on the system. 
Subscribing customers have the option to choose the product training or take advantage of the staff records management training which goes beyond the use of the system but aims to  improve staff and management knowledge of records management as a whole. This is delivered by qualified professionals who have proven experience in the care home industry.
We are also able to further customise the system to fit in with the way a subscriber prefers to capture or present service user information. Report templates can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Command centre

SS.Command centre.png

The command centre is a great way for management to monitor the completion of various reports or activities. At a glance you are able to see what reports are due through alerts and assign tasks to individual members of staff. You are also able to see when a report is in working progress and when it has been completed. The command centre is most useful when used on the mobile device for easy access on the go.

Progression targets

3 moth progressionpng.png

The progression chart or ladder is a most efficient way to set development targets bespoke to each child/young person in your care. Targets are set and fed data from weekly reports giving you an accurate view of how a child is progressing by way of skills and personal development in care. Needs, trends, barriers and other aspects of care are much more visible and can be shared with care authorities and multiple agencies  logged in as guest users.

Daily logs

Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 13.21.44.png

The daily logs are simple and quick to use and comes with click options to conveniently filter relevant or significant information to the weekly report creator which makes the creation of weekly reports accurate and  much easier to do. the time stamp is also a useful feature as a tool for staff supervision. it auto records when an actual log entry os made.

the daily log also does what a paper based log book cannot - being able to send particular entries to management or external users by email with a click of a button. The whole log for the day can also be emailed or printed as and when required. this has proved to be quite convenient when dealing with details of major incidents, sharing instant information with the police or the local care authorities. 

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