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Subscription and maintenance pricing - Solaris careware

Pay as you grow scheme


The account subscription for Solaris Careware is based on a 24 month service contract. 
15% discount applied when paying for 12 months in advance.


Ongoing user weekly licence charges

(Payable each month)
1-15 service users - £8 per child per week
16 -30 service users -£7 per  child per week
31 - 60 service users -£5 per person per child per week
50+ service users - bespoke pricing



Support /maintenance
User support access/system maintenance /debugging /server hosting
Monthly charges 1 -20 young person service users -£20
Monthly support 21 -50 young person service users - £30

Monthly support 50+ young person service users -£50


Set up /Installation (Basic)

Technical set up (company login/installation)
User training  - management and staff 2 sessions (8hrs average)


Total price: £2000


Set up /Installation (Gold package)

Over 6 months renewal

Technical set up (company login/installation)

User training (management ) 2 sessions per year (4hrs average)

Staff username permission setting

User training (All staff) 3 sessions per year

All staff training Records management +professional reporting 1 session per year.

Monthly  usage supervision. and report management training for a maximum 10 members of staff
£200 one off set up and £750 each month.

Please note - Records management and professional reporting which is training beyond the use of Solaris Careware will be delivered by a qualified trainer and counts towards your annual staff training expectations.

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