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 Manager assessment tool
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Manager proficiency Assessment

Complete the management proficiency test
Manager's completion list. - Minimum target score: 85%
Assessors signature
Date of completion
David Guest / Area manager / score 78%
Tosin Adepoju / Operations manager/ score 88%


In order to deliver high-quality service, monthly audits are carried out by the Manager and Operations team of the service. These audits include:

  • Client Files

  • Medication

  • Complaints

  • Client Meetings

  • Team Meetings

  • Staff supervision

  • The Physical Environment

  • Finance 

Where possible, we involve clients in the decision-making process that affects the service we provide them. Each supported living property has its own monthly clients meeting where all the clients have an opportunity to make staff aware of their feelings, view points and ideas. Clients are supported to use external advocacy services.

Team meetings for the staff team take place on a monthly basis, as do individual supervision sessions for each team member, giving staff the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback to the Manager about the service being offered. Absolute Carers conducts annual appraisals for all staff and 6 monthly surveys of clients.

All clients and those involved in their support are made aware of the service's complaints policy and are encouraged to offer feedback through individual reviews and family/significant other forums.

All staff undertake regular training which includes a minimum of:

  • Safeguarding Young Adults

  • Fire Awareness

  • Health & Safety

  • Food Hygiene Awareness


  • Infection Control

  • Behaviour Management

  • Working alone

  • First Aid

  • Ethnicity & Diversity

  • Medication Awareness

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