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Cloud Computing

Our systems are all cloud based and accessible remotely. Our servers are robust and equipped to deal with constant high usage anywhere within the UK and Europe.


Our systems are fully security compliant and certificated..Solaris Careware caters to all possible data threats or loss with a robust security plan that is reviewed on a regular basis.


Our care systems are presently being upgraded and configured to operate on mobile devises and platforms to suit the changing needs of the care process, The mobile interface is designed to make usage quick and nimble.

1. Managed IT Solution

2. Web remote access

3. GDPR compliant security

Robust detailed and easy to use

Our system was designed by a care services records manager and a number of care home operators who understand what a detailed report should include and what areas in care management are in need of speedy but accurate evidencing. The systems run reliable functions not existing in any of the alternative systems designed for care management. 

The system includes over 800 functions and is updated regularly to meet the changing needs of care home providers.

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