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Missing /absent logs - create  and edit page
After first coming to month and year list
Appointment diarry
Authority logo
Child photo
Child name
Missing  or absent status
DEFAULT (current  date) or chosen date
Click absent or missing status below
Add EDT reference
Add EDT reference
Add police CAD number
Add police CAD number
Slept at the unit
unauthorised absence
Add expected return date
Authorised absence
In edit mode and view mode please add list of months under 20119, 2020, By default, show the latest month's
view mode table on edit and view page.
Send to safeguarding manager
Save /publish
Staff guide: Missing  - When a young person has not returned to the unit and their curfew has passed. There is no response or no responsible persons confirmation about their whereabouts.
Unauthorised absence - When a young person is absent from the unit without prior arrangement or permission but their whereabouts can be verified. The young person is also keeping in communication over their phone.
Authorised absence: When the young person has prior permission or arrangement to spend the night or a number of days
away from the unit. 
Take off progression targets from child dashboard and add appointments box in that place, then put missing logs box where you have care plan and move care plan down. t
Pop up field with "add email ' to send missing/absent log  should appear. 
There should be setting to add a default safeguarding managers email address
Missing logs  - monthly view  page
Missing /absent log list by month and year
Open the table when the month /year to view is clicked 
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