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ON THE DAY OF A SAVED APPOINTMENT I need the appointment bell to be moving and the 'Appointment alert in red font to be flashing -This same button should be flashing on all pages of the daily log and profile page under incident report alert bell. when the date of the appointment is reached till staff go to the appointments page and clicks 'attended ' or missed 'appointment' attended or missed data will be filtered to weekly report creator for that date period.
Missed and deliberately missed appointments should appear as red in the calendar.
Any appointments saved as booked needs to flow to the command centre eventually. So managers can see alert 24 hours before the appointment and see what has been missed. They can also assign staff to attend appointment with the child.
on choosing appointment date user is taken to edit page to add appointment info Chirag - when the appointment is saved it will On the day of appointment when a user is confirming missed or attended in the edit page, info should also be filtered to the date capture on weekly report creator also. That way, staff do not need to add details of appointments attended or missed
Create Appointment diary page
Staff guide: Click date of appointment on the calendar, then  add appointment details in the form that appears and save that appointment details . You may
Once a date is clicked to edit info, the user is taken to the new edit appointment page as designed below.  so that user can either change details or date and also confirm appointment attended or appointment missed.
Default current date
Name of staff making entry
Appointment time
Appointment with who?
Appointment address
Accompanied by who?
Additional appointment notes
Save /publish
Appointment edit page
On clicking edit the same design as view appointments appears, when user clicks the appointment viewed in the table it brings them to the 'create appointment form' design above which should  appear with the originally saved appointment details to edit
New appointment view , edit page
Staff guide: You may add a maximum of  3 appointments in one day
Save /publish
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