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Child dashboard
Appointments diary
Appointment alert
Missing /absent logs
Upload external document
Take off progression targets from child dashboard and add appointments box in that place, then put missing logs box where you have care plan and move care plan down. t
View daily logs page
Create log
Create incident report
Email daily log
Print log
Download log
Appointment alert
This same button should be flashing when the date of the appointment is reached till staff go to the appointments page and clicks 'attended ' or missed 'appointment' attended or missed data will be filtered to weekly report creator for that date period.
Time stamp
Edit information
Email information
 Relevant info for weekly report?
Upload images
Delete images
Missing or absent log
Returned log
Add appointment
Current appointments
This button should keep flashing brown to red when the date of an appoint ment is reached. It should remain
flashing until staff goes to appointment section and clicks attended or  did not attend
Staff guide: If the information is significant as content to be included in the weekly report please click the button above. The information will be highlighted and used as part of the weekly report. Such information includes activities that affect the skills development, credit to the YPs development, breach of rules or licence, missing incident, misconduct, injury or illness.
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