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Create daily logs page:
Create log
Create incident report
Email daily log
Upload image
Delete image
Manage appointment
Missing or absent log
Relevant to weekly
Missing or absent returned
Add information
Adding appointments
missing or absent log and missing /absent returned should have the created info automatically pasted in the daily log 'add info area'
Remove the 'publish' button as there is no use for it there
make these new function buttons this brownish colour
On clicking this button, a pop-up message should say - ' returned from an unauthorised absence or missing status has been logged 
View daily logs page


Create log
Create incident report
Email daily log
Print log
Download log
Time stamp
Edit information
Email information
 Relevant info for weekly report?
Upload image
Delete image
Manage missing / absent log
Manage appointments
Current appointments
This button should keep flashing brown to red when the date of an appoint ment is reached. It should remain
flashing until staff goes to appointment section and clicks attended or  did not attend
When user clicks this button, it should bring them to edit view for Missing /absent logs, then they can  put the different absent or missing options at the top of the calendar so the user can click to the retuned 
Staff are still expected to add details of missing or absences in the daily log entries as 

Social Care Alliance

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